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How Does Waxing Work?

There are two general waxing methods. One uses cold wax that comes on pre-waxed cloth strips. The cloth is pressed wax-side down onto an area for hair removal, and the hair sticks to the wax and is pulled out at the root by a quick pull-back motion. The hot wax method is performed by warming a wax mixture and applying to the skin at just above body temperature. The wax traps the hair as it cools and solidifies. A cloth is pressed onto the wax before it cools, and then a quick pull-back removes the wax and the hair trapped in it.

Waxing removes hair at the root, and when done well is very effective in removing hair -- for a few weeks. Hair grows in finer and sometimes after a while doesn’t grow back at all.

Waxing can be done at home, provided the skin you would like to remove hair from is easily accessible. However, because of the mess, many people prefer to have waxing done professionally at a salon.


Cost of Waxing

Home waxing kits cost from $10 to $50. Wax and cloths must be disposed of afterwards, so you have to replace the kits as often as you want hair removed, about every 6-8 weeks for each area. The cost of professional waxing depends on the size of the area for hair removal and location. Typically, a lip wax runs around $15 - $30, while larger areas, such as full leg hair removal, can cost between $60 - $80. Lifetime cost of waxing would easily run into the thousands.

Finally Free costs just about the same as a full leg hair removal, but you only need to purchase it once. Even when you add the cost of replacement patches, the lifetime savings is significant!


Waxing Hair Removal Results

Waxing, when done right, is an effective hair removal method that keeps hair away for weeks at a time, but not months or years. As long as you can tolerate the cost and pain of regular waxing!

If you try waxing at home, it can be a messy, painful, and only a partially successful affair!


Risks and Side Effects of Waxing

Waxing is painful to most people, and more so if your skin is sensitive or you have a lower pain tolerance. Depending on your skin type, redness afterwards is common.

Sometimes ingrown hairs can occur as new hair tries to grow, particularly in areas where your hair is thicker. Ingrown hairs are painful, can become infected, and are unsightly!

The worst risk with waxing is skin tearing. This is rare for most people, but if you are using certain skin treatments such as Retin-A, the risk increases greatly. Most professionals will ask you if you are using any such treatments before they wax you.

Why risk pain, redness, swelling, or worse, tearing?? Finally Free removes hair so gently and painlessly that you can put makeup on or be ready for the beach immediately following a treatment.

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