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Depilatory Products

The FDA says that depilatories work on your skin like "a chemical razor blade." They also say that chemicals that "destroy the hair can also cause serious skin irritations -- possibly even chemical burns -- if left on too long. That's what you need - a hairy upper lip with sores from your chemical burn ! Ouch! (source: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" FDA web site).

How Do Depilatory Creams Work?

Depilatory creams work by a chemical reaction that weakens and breaks down the keratin in the hair, causing the hair to break and be scraped away. The typical active ingredient in depilatory products is calcium thioglycolate. The cream is applied to an area of skin, and after a designated amount of time passes, the hair is scraped or rubbed away.

Depilatory creams do not affect the root of the hair, only hair that is above the surface, so they are not a permanent or long-term hair removal method.

Finally Free removes hair permanently at the root, and there are no messy, smelly creams to deal with.


Typical Cost of Depilatory Products

Depilatory creams are not expensive per application, running under $10 per application. However, since depilatory hair removal is not permanent or long-term, the cost for regular hair removal with creams over a lifetime can easily add up to $12,000 or more.

Finally Free is a one-time investment and permanently removes hair after a few applications, saving you significant money in the long run.


Depilatory Product Results

Depilatory creams are generally effective at removing surface hair when applied properly, but some people report that depilatory products are not always strong enough to work consistently on more coarse hair. This can be frustrating after dealing with the pungent odor, the mess, and the waiting of using a depilatory cream.


Risks and Side Effects of Depilatory Products

Depilatory creams contain chemicals that damage keratin and because skin also has keratin, depilatories can cause skin irritation, especially if left on for too long. You should test these creams on a small area of skin before lathering up a large area only to discover that your skin is too sensitive for the chemicals. You must follow instructions closely, so that you don't chemically burn your skin.

Due to the keratin-destroying chemicals in depilatory creams, it is recommended that you avoid using them on sensitive areas, like the face.

If you have dark hair and fair skin, depilatory creams can leave a hair "shadow" under the skin, giving the appearance of stubble.

Finally Free is gentle to the skin. So gentle that it can be used anywhere on your body without pain, redness, or scarring. You will be able to go out immediately following a treatment and there will be no signs that you just gently removed unwanted hair!

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