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How Do Epilators Work?

There are three common types of epilators. Spring type, rotating disc type, and tweezers type. All of them grasp the hairs close to the skin’s surface and pull hair out at the root (ouch!). This is similar to waxing, except epilators don’t pull off skin cells from the outer layer of skin.

Epilators don’t require a professional and can be used in the convenience of your home. There are no creams or mess, but there is pain!


Cost of Epilators

Epilators vary in average cost from $20 - $150.


Epilator Hair Removal Results

Epilators are reasonably effective in removing hair at the root, but if your hair is brittle or weak, epilators can break the hair instead of removing the entire hair. This can leave behind stubble. Epilators work better on thicker hair but that can mean more painful removal.

Epilator hair removal is not permanent.


Risks and Side Effects of Epilators

The primary risk or side effect of epilators is the pain associated with yanking hair out at the root, either one by one (with tweezers epilators) or several at a time. Some people have a high pain threshold, but if you are sensitive to pain, epilator hair removal will hurt.

Remember, Finally Free removes hair permanently and painlessly at about the same cost as a good epilator. Why would you put yourself through the pain of pulling your hair out over and over again when you can remove hair painlessly once?

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