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How Does Shaving Work?

Shaving is so common that few people don't know how it works. Essentially hair is cut by one or more blades very close to the surface of the skin. Razors are available ranging from disposable to electric.

No matter how close the shave, hair is continually growing so it can be a matter of hours or a day before stubble starts appearing.

Shaving is not a recommended hair removal method in hair sculpting or for sensitive or irregularly shaped areas.


Cost of Shaving

The cost of shaving depends on how often you shave (based on personal preference) and what type of razor you use. Electric razors can be $100 or more and don't need blades replaced as often as non-electric razors. Disposable razors can be under $1 apiece but the cheaper they are, the more often they need replacement and the more risk for nicks and cuts.

There are no blades with Finally Free, just a gentle radio frequency wave to painlessly kill hair at the root, allowing the hair to slide out.


Shaving Results

As mentioned, shaving cuts hair close to the surface of the skin and is a very temporary method for removing hair for small or large areas. Over the course of a lifetime of shaving, because the hair is never removed at the root, hair can grow in thicker and coarser.


Risks and Side Effects of Shaving

Shaving is very common and poses little serious risk or side effects. Of course, there's the annoying and sometimes painful nicks and cuts. Rushing or shaving with a dull blade tends to cause more frequent nicks and cuts. Any cut can become infected.

Razor "burn" can also occur, again a result of rushing or dull blades. Razor burn is unsightly and painful, but rarely serious.

But why deal with the lifetime cost, inconvenience, and bothersome nicks and cuts when you can remove your unwanted hair permanently and for much less money? Finally Free removes hair gently, painlessly, and permanently.

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