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How It Works

When you order the Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System, you'll receive the base unit plus 2 different hair removal attachments. One attachment looks like a tweezer and was specifically designed to remove individual hairs. The other attachment allows you to use the permanent hair removal patches, designed to treat all of the hairs under the patch area.

1. Hair Removal Tweezer Attachment for Individual Hairs

These are not like the tweezers you might be used to. You are NOT pulling or plucking. You simply hold the unwanted hair between the specially designed tips and press the button. This will send a dry, radio frequency wave through the hair killing it at the root. Hold the hair under slight tension and in about a minute or so the hair gently and painlessly slides out of the follicle. You should notice a small whitish bulb at the end of the hair, this indicates a properly treated hair that has damaged/destroyed that hair's ability to regrow.

This is perfect for eyebrows, upper lip, breasts, or any other area where there are stray hairs you want to permanently remove. The tweezer attachment will easily remove stubborn coarse hairs.

2. Hair Removal Patches for Whole Sections of Unwanted Hair

Finally Free's unique patch adapters lets you use the disposable patches to remove unwanted hair from larger areas. It works on the same principle as the tweezers, using a radio frequency wave through the hair, killing it at the root, killing them forever. However, each of the patented patches was designed with a conductive gel that allows the wave to travel through all of the hairs touching the patch. This is NOT a wax or a sugaring system. You are not pulling the hairs out with the patches, but treating them. The hairs will simply fall out, or if you want it to happen faster, exfoliate your skin with a washcloth. It's that simple.

Independent Clinical Studies show that Finally Free is equally effective as professional electrolysis and more effective than laser hair removal.

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