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Some Scientific History of Finally Free

The original "Finally Free" Permanent Hair Removal product and technology was developed and patented over 25 years ago. The product was developed from a proven professional unit utilizing a method called Nutrolysis by a very clever inventor in association with a leading dermatologist. These individuals revolutionized the field of hair removal. Previously the only method of permanent hair removal was electrolysis, which can be painful, costly, and can result in permanent skin damage. The method introduced by Finally Free was a low-cost, safe, painless method that could be performed in the convenience and privacy of one’s home.

The original clinical studies – "Hair Removal Instruments in the Human Experience" and a study of radio frequency to remove hair – performed by Nardo Zaias, MD, proved the concept that radio frequency at proper levels destroys hair at the root. The technology was developed over five years, with substantial medical testing. The goal was to develop a consumer unit that would be a safe, effective and painless alternative to shaving or electrolysis.

The original technology was granted a US patent in 1977, and improved by Finally Free since then. When introduced to the consumer, "Finally Free" used the tweezers attachment to remove individual hairs. This was extremely effective over the fifteen year life, and the product was continually improved (power increased twice) to create a more powerful and responsive unit. Many different units have been made since its introduction more that twenty five years ago. Since its introduction, Finally Free has sold several million units worldwide to as many satisfied customers because of its effectiveness as an alternative to electrolysis.

Additional research and medical work was conducted in the late 80's and early 90's which resulted in the development of a hair removal patch that could transmit the radio frequency energy over a broader area and damage or destroy the hairs in contact with the patch. The Finally Free radio frequency patch system was then perfected and patented.


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