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Finally Free Clinical Studies, Scientific History, & FDA Clearance

In addition to its millions of satisfied users, the Finally Free hair removal system has solid credentials – compelling scientific proof to back up its claims, as well as clearance by the FDA, and patents and trademarks. We present here assurance that, if used correctly, Finally Free is safe, reliable, and effective, including some of our historical scientific backing.

Finally Free’s best-known scientific proof has been the two clinical studies conducted with the technology. See our page dedicated to those experiments for all the details and links.

Plus, some history about Finally Free will help readers put the product in context and see some of the older scientific evidence for its efficacy. Finally Free’s history spans 25 years and includes several million units sold worldwide.

Finally, we feature a page highlighting our FDA clearance along with other official citations and distinctions.

Our purpose in presenting you with this material is to ensure that you make an informed and satisfying purchase.


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