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Do You Find Shaving Your Underarms to Be 'the Pits'?

Most women find armpit hair unhygienic and unsightly - especially when they want to wear a sleeveless dress, blouse, or gown. Also, most women resent the bother of having to shave their underarms - whether it's once a day, once a week, or something in between - but are simply resigned to the task. Occasional nicks and ingrown hairs comes with the territory, unfortunately. And there's the rough, sometimes itchy or irritated stubble in between shaves. It's not a happy situation.

Finally, there's an ideal solution: the Finally Free hair removal system. Finally Free works by sending a cool, dry radio-frequency wave that destroys the roots ability to regrow more armpit hair. And t works both for stubborn single hairs one at a time or on larger areas of unwanted underarm hair. Our patented technology is surprisingly inexpensive, and it will rid you of the hassles of underarm shaving permanently.

You might ask: But what about other hair removal methods than armpit shaving? It's true that instead of shaving their armpits some women opt for waxing or electrolysis or even laser treatments to remove underarm hair. But all these techniques have major flaws. For starters, they mean going to a salon - even for waxing (or sugaring), because it requires two hands. It would be so much better in the privacy and convenience of your own home, at your leisure.

Plus, they hurt! Waxing with its ripping effect, electrolysis with its needles sticking into you and electric zaps, or lasers with its burning light waves. Ouch - they're all painful! (And don't even ask about epilators!) Who wants to be in pain just to feel attractive and clean?

But Finally Free is a painless technology - the tweezer attachment isn't used to yank the hairs and roots out, but just to convey energy. And Finally Free comes with a set of hair-removal patches that are ideal for larger areas of underarm hair.

And with our money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose (except that annoying underarm stubble!)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Try the Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System (F-125) absolutely risk-free for 30 days! Get it home, use it, and if within 30 days you are not 100% satisfied for ANY reason simply let us know. We will email you a return authorization number, then return the product with that number and we'll refund your purchase price of Finally Free F-125 (less shipping and handling) no questions asked.

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